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Our Story

Healthy and Delicious.


Herb&Seed Plant-Based Kitchen was created with love for the Earth, dedication to health, and curiosity for new and delicious flavors. Our family has been creating and following whole foods plant-based recipes for over a decade. With a passion for healing our bodies and minds through nourishment, we have developed and refined some of our favorite recipes for delivery to your door.


Our Plant-Based Mission

Where Health Meets Taste

Our thoughtfully crafted recipes follow a whole foods plant-based diet, shifting focus from meat substitutes with processed oil and flour, to whole plant-based foods. With minimal to no oil, salt or sugar added, we maintain the highest standard of flavor. All ingredients are 100% USDA organic, and use local produce as well as our own herbs and greens grown in house. Dedicated to making whole plant-based foods convenient, easy, and delicious for all, we deliver prepared meals straight to your door and catering for small events or parties. Join our plant-based journey to heal our bodies and our planet!


We compost!

Being a sustainable business is important 

We compost here in our kitchen, using all of the scraps it takes to make your meals and turning it into compost for our garden. Then, the plants from that garden go back into your meals. This regenerative process is exciting to us, so we urge you to compost the containers we send your food in also. 

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